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Mental Health services offered in Salisbury, MD

Sailwinds Medical Group has been at the forefront of mental health therapy services, revolutionizing the way individuals navigate their mental well-being with mental health and primary care under one roof. Established with a commitment to providing compassionate and personalized care, Sailwinds has become a trusted name in mental health treatment.

Our therapy services cater to a diverse range of mental health concerns, offering a supportive environment where individuals can embark on their journey towards healing. The dedicated team of licensed therapists at Sailwinds Medical Group utilizes evidence-based practices, fostering a therapeutic alliance that empowers patients to overcome challenges and achieve lasting positive change.

For the convenience of our established patients, we offer a user-friendly online booking system, streamlining the appointment process. However, for new patients, we kindly request a preliminary call to the office before scheduling the first visit. This initial contact allows us to ensure a smooth onboarding process and gather essential information to tailor our services to individual needs.

Book online in Cambridge or Salisbury.

Our Cambridge services are provided by our partner Goodwill Behavioral Health.

New patients are kindly asked to provide the following information when contacting the office:

- Name
- Date of Birth
- Phone number
- Address
- Insurance information
- Email
- Referring provider
- Diagnosis for the visit

By proactively gathering this information, Sailwinds Medical Group aims to create a welcoming and efficient experience for new patients, setting the stage for a therapeutic partnership focused on comprehensive mental health care. As we continue to navigate the seas of mental health, Sailwinds remains dedicated to promoting well-being and resilience within the community we serve.

Mental Health Q & A

What is mental health?

Mental health is your psychological and emotional well-being, influencing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It also affects how you handle stress and interact with others.


Your mental health is a vital part of your general well-being. When you have mental health problems, you can have a hard time keeping up with your daily responsibilities. Mental health problems are common and treatable.


Pete provides medication and monitoring for his patients struggling with mental health problems.

When should I seek help for my mental health?

You should get professional help for your mental health if you notice changes in your mood or behavior that affects how you live your life. Warning signs of mental health problems include:


  • Ongoing low energy
  • Withdrawing from friends and family
  • Losing interest in usual activities
  • Eating more or less than usual
  • Sleeping more or less than usual
  • Having unexplained aches and pains
  • Recurring unwanted thoughts or behavior
  • Having frequent thoughts of death or suicide
  • Feeling anxious about everyday things


Recognizing something is wrong and getting help right away can help you feel better sooner. 

What happens during a mental health appointment?

Pete conducts a thorough evaluation when you come in seeking help for a mental health problem. He asks detailed questions about your symptoms and when they started. He reviews your mental and physical health history and might complete a psychological test to assess your emotional state.


Pete completes a physical exam and runs lab work to rule out an underlying medical condition that might explain your mental health symptoms.

How are mental health problems treated?

Pete provides psychiatric medication for his patients with mental health problems. He may use GeneSight to help determine what medication might work best for you.


GeneSight is a genetic test from Assurex Health Inc. It’s used to determine psychiatric medication. Your genes affect how your body metabolizes and responds to medication. Pete uses the data from GeneSight to make sure you get on the proper medicine from the start.


Pete carefully monitors your mental health symptoms and provides ongoing support and care. He refers patients to mental health experts when appropriate, including an on-site psychiatric nurse practitioner.


Mental health concerns are common and treatable, so there’s no need to suffer. Call Pete Lerza, NP, today or schedule an evaluation online to get support for your mental health.