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Primary Care services offered in Salisbury, MD

Primary care is your first point of contact when you need medical assistance. Your primary care provider manages everything about your health, ensuring you get the appropriate support and services required to maintain your well-being. Pete Lerza, NP, is a family nurse practitioner who provides primary care to adults of all ages at his office in Cambridge, Maryland. Pete takes a holistic, integrative, and contemporary approach to care, focusing on prevention and lifestyle changes. Call his office today or schedule an appointment online for patient-focused primary care services.

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care?

Primary care is the area of medicine that manages your general health and wellness as well as your illnesses, injuries, and diseases. Your primary care provider is the first person to go to when you need medical care.


Pete is a skilled family nurse practitioner who provides primary care services to adults of all ages. Pete takes a holistic and integrative approach to care. This means he focuses on your whole health when you come in for care and uses a combination of traditional medical and complementary therapies to manage your needs.

What are primary care services?

Pete provides all the care necessary to manage your health needs. The available primary care services include:

Annual physical exams

Your annual physical exam is the most important primary care health visit of the year. It’s the exam that helps you get and stay healthy.


Pete assesses your current health and risk of future diseases during this exam. He uses the information gathered during this exam to help you create the lifestyle changes that lead to better health.

Sick visits

Pete provides care for those unexpected illnesses with sick visits. He set up his practice so he can take care of you and your illness right away, providing same-day care when possible. You can also see Pete for sick visits through telemedicine.

Preventive care

Pete’s main focus as your primary care provider is preventive care. He focuses on helping you create a lifestyle that prevents (or delays) illness and disease. He also monitors your vaccination schedule, updating your immunizations as needed.

Injury care

Pete is certified in wound care and surgical debridement. He provides injury care at the office, so you don’t have to go to the emergency room.

Chronic disease management

Pete also provides chronic disease management for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, joint pain, and mental health concerns. Pete works with a cardiologist and electrophysiologist for his cardiovascular disease patients, making care for complex patients quick and easy.

What can I expect from primary care?

You can expect compassionate, professional, patient-focused primary care from the highly skilled nurse practitioner. Pete focuses on prevention and lifestyle changes whenever possible.


If you need medication, Pete talks to you about the prescription. He helps you create habits that can reduce your dosage, perhaps even your need for the medication.


Call Pete Lerza, NP, today or schedule an appointment online for primary care focused on your health and well-being.